Get Verified!

Despite being clearly outlined in our property listings, we have had a few people challenge our verification process, in large part, because it's new and unfamiliar. To avoid any confusion or pushback, please check out the animation to the right and review the FAQ's below.

You will not receive a confirmation from us after you complete this process. A third party does the verification and will only notify us if there is an issue.

What is Get Mati?
Get Mati is the third party service we use to automatically verify and validate your identity .

Do I have to do this even though I verified my ID with Airbnb?
Yes. Airbnb's verification process is not required of all guests and they don't share those results with us. Our relationship with Airbnb can be compared to the relationship between Marriott and Expedia - different companies, different processes.

Why is it asking me to touch my nose to my phone?
It's not! It's just asking you to move your head around so it can verify whether you're a real, live person . There's nothing nefarious going on here!

I don't know you, why should I send you a copy of my ID?
The same question could be asked of you. We don't know you, why should we trust you you in our million dollar property? W hen was the last time you checked in to a hotel without having to provide a photo ID and a credit card? Airbnb is just a platform - similar to Expedia. When you book through Expedia, you still have to show your ID to the hotel clerk.

What if I still have questions?
If the answer isn't on this page and the question is about our verification process, we likely don't have an answer for you.

I still feel weird about this. what happens if I refuse to verify?
Unfortunately, you won't be able to stay in our property without going through this process. From the time you book your reservation, you have 48 hours to cancel without any penalties.

Why do you need this information?
As mentioned above, because you're staying in one of our properties and we don't know you at all. In addition, many of the Homeowner's Associations our properties are a part of require this information. We also use Safely Stay to run your information through a sex offenders database, terrorist database, hotel black lists and other public records.